FuriousFPV Smart Battery Case for 18650

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The FuriousFPV "smart" case for the Li-Ion battery features several useful tricks that will take the efficiency and comfort of powering the goggles to the next level.

On a clear OLED display, it shows the current, voltage, operating time, temperature and your name or nickname. FuriousFPV brings users the ability to switch off and turn on the goggles without having to disconnect the power connector . The smart case includes short-circuit protection, protecting your goggles, for example, when wet, or the cells itself when the power connector is short-circuited. The FuriousFPV Smart Case is designed to conveniently charge Li-Ion cells inside (type 18650). Supplied with a practical "Y" reduction cable with XT60 and JST-XH connectors. It can be charged as a standard 2S using standard chargers.

Several handy parameters can be set in the menu, for example:

  • automatic shutdown
  • alert to the selected low voltage
  • alert to the selected timer
  • setting the maximum current rating
  • setting the appearance with the selected text
  • temperature unit setting (°C / °F)

FuriousFPV battery case is a handy gadget that will make the life easier for every FPV pilot.

The case can be used for all types of goggles from our shop(except VR-007 Pro).

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Key Features

  • Smart On / Off Button
  • Clear OLED display
  • Adjustable features: (timer, alarms)
  • Short circuit protection
  • Easy replacement of Li-Ion 18650 batteries
  • Compatible with almost all FPV goggles

Package Includes

  • 1x FuriousFPV Power Battery Case
  • 1x Reduction for charging