Foxeer Predator V2 Mini 2.5mm

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Key Features

Innovative camera from Foxeer that delivers a very wide dynamic contrast (Super WDR) and vivid colors. Thanks to this you will see every detail in all light conditions and you will enjoy beautiful colors during each flight.

Of course there is an OSD, which allows you to set all the important parameters of the camera, but it can also display the power supply voltage of the battery.

The camera has a "mini" size, but adapters are provided to fit it into all standard frames.

We deliver the camera in V2.

Package Includes

  • horizontal resolution: 1000TVL
  • Lens: 2.5mm
  • aspect ratio: 4: 3
  • FOV: 112 °
  • Supply voltage: DC 5-40V
  • Housing color: red
  • dimensions: 21.8 * 21.8mm
  • weight: 8.7g (without mounting sleeve)
  • Super WDR
  • 1000TVL / 20 ms latency
  • Image Flip / No Jello
  • Defog (increase image sharpness)
  • multifunctional mounting adapter