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FatShark HDO are the first goggles on the market with unique OLED displays, a 37° viewing angle and the 4: 3 aspect ratio. This display offers a more contrasting display with clear color rendering, allowing you to see more detail and overall improve the image experience in various lighting conditions.

  • A gorgeous 960x720p OLED display, great contrast, fast response, and a patented FatShark optical system provide a crystal clear picture across the entire screen area and suppression of blurry contours.The OLED display also has a higher refresh rate to ensure a smoother image.
    In this review from Josh Bardwell's well-known YouTube channel, the difference is quite obvious
  • FatShark HDO's Ergonomics is based on the almost perfect design that suits a wide range of users - one of the reasons why FatShark is the world's number one on the FPV racing and freestyle market.The silent anti-fog fan is a matter of course at FatShark.
  • The modular receivers offer the possibility of upgrading goggles with modern receiving modules and firmware. Compared to previous models, FatShark HDO goggles are finally compatible with the vast majority of available modules without the need for adjustments.

FatShark HDO goggles will be especially interesting for pilots who consider the image quality and ergonomics the most important features of FPV goggles. FatShark HDO brings the high-end goggle market to a whole new level. The modularity of the receiving modules offers the possibility of upgrading and customizing the goggles. Some pilots prefer built-in receivers such as Skyzone SKY03 goggles. FatShark HDO is an investment in the maximum possible visual experience of FPV flying, which you can hear in a variety of reviews from many users and reviewers.

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Key Features

  • Resolution: 960 x 720 (1080p HDMI)
  • Field of View: 37°
  • Display aspect ratio: 4: 3
  • IPD: 59 - 69mm
  • Weight: 186g

Package Includes

  • 1 x Dominator HDO
  • 1 x Fixed zipper case
  • 1 x Battery Case 18650