EWRF Micro 7087UV14 25/100 / 200mW

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High-quality micro-video with SmartAudio support. This makes it possible to change frequency, band and performance remotely through OSD or telemetry. According to the tests, the transmitters with the smallest interference at the neighboring frequencies are among the best. Collegi pilots who fly with you will love you :)

Key Features

  • Size: 18.3 * 23.5 * 5.0mm
  • input voltage: DC5V
  • frequency and number of channels: 5.8G, 48CH
  • transmit power: 25mW / 100mW / 200mW
  • antenna: dipole whip
  • SmartAudio support, all parameters can be set through OSD or telemetry
  • minimum interference at ambient frequencies both during powering and during operation