FuriousFPV Fortini F4 OSD 32KHz Rev2

€ 43,99

The Fortini F4 OSD 32KHz Rev2 is equipped with a low-noise 32kHz Invensense 20602 gyro that is powered by a separate LDO controller for maximum noise reduction. The board has 5 UARTs, LC filter for cleaner video, overvoltage peak protection, and advanced FuriousFPV-Betaflight OSD. The board can be powered by 2-6S and switchable BEC (3.3-5V) offers up to 2A continuous load.

FuriousFPV is a manufacturer of precision products with excellent workmanship and design.

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Key Features

  • MCU: F4 MCU
  • Input ro 5V (2A) BEC: 2-6S
  • Clear OSD
  • Gyro: 32kHz invernsense 20602
  • Mounting holes: 30x30x7mm
  • Weight: 6.3g